Criminal Defense

If you have encountered a problem with the law in Philadelphia, PA your first move should be to call Mark D. Copoulos, Esquire.  Together we will work through the different options for you, from taking the matter to trial, to settling with a negotiated guilty plea, to an open guilty plea, from waiver trial to jury trial.

Rest assured that when you visit our firm all options will be discussed, evaluated, and considered. Call him directly right now for a free legal consultation of your criminal matter at 267.535.9776.  The difference will be apparent from the first meeting. While some lawyers merely take your money and settle your case, Mark D. Copoulos will strive together with you to obtain the best result possible.

Civil Defense

At the Law Offices of Mark D. Copoulos, we understand being sued is stressful. We fight to win. In many cases, we do just that. If the facts on not on your side, we can work to mitigate damages thereby ensuring your financial liability is limited. Our prices are reasonable and we add tremendous value to every case we handle. Schedule a free consultation to discuss your defense to a predatory civil action.

Landlord Services

Mark D. Copoulos has tried thousands of evictions, ejectments, and tenant defense actions in Philadelphia, PA. He is familiar with the law and legal procedures governing such actions. If you are facing a difficult landlord tenant situation, seek counsel from someone who has successfully resolved thousands of similar cases.